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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of battery do i need?

There are thousands of different batteries for even more applications. Here at Yorkville Battery we have many cross reference books to help find your exact match. We also can match up just about any battery that was ever made with our many different Suppliers.

Is my battery bad?

It may be hard to tell sometimes but Here at Yorkville Battery we have many testers to accurately test almost any type of battery. Some symptoms of a battery failure include the device or car will not start up, Also if the device or car will not stay running after starting. Both of these are key symptoms of a bad battery. We also have the expertise to solve many other battery related problems that may act like its your batteries fault.

Is setting my battery on a concrete floor bad?

No. Modern battery cases will not discharge on a concrete floor. Years ago before plastic battery cases it would actually discharge the battery..

What is a cold cranking amp? How many Cold Cranking Amps do i really need?

A Cold Cranking Amp is the amount of power that a battery will put out for 30 seconds at zero degrees and maintain a voltage of 1.2 volts per cell.Every Car only requires what they put in as original equipment. Most Commonly it its only 600-850 Cold Cranking. The battery you need depends more on size and shape than the Cold Cranking Amps.

How long Should my Battery last in this application?

There is no way to predict how long a battery will last. If it is the proper battery for the situation it will last considerably longer than an under powered or smaller battery. It is Important to choose the right replacement Battery for your application.

How do i charge my battery properly?

Every battery will charge a different way depending on many factors. It is important to never over charge a battery. It is always a better idea to charge slower in most cases. For more specific answers on how to charge your Battery call, email, or stop by Yorkville Battery for more information.